Text Box: Street Walker V. Budilium Hof

Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Walker's arrival in Canada was a long time in the creation. Most of 8 years of waiting, but with many thanks to his breeder Rinie Leenen of Budilium Hof Labradors of the Netherlands we were able to welcome one of the most enjoyable, handsome, hard working Labradors we have had the pleasure of knowing.  A great combination of structure, intelligence and work ethic.    He loves agility, rally, barn hunt and retrieving......did I forget to say water and birds?   A natural at every activity we have tried.   His personality is the right balance of eagerness and sensibility.   
He is a well built Labrador with a traditional English head style, with bone, coat and tail.    Well balanced front to back, lovely reach of neck and layback.  From a slow maturing European lineage we concentrated on Obedience and Dog sports while we waited for him to mature.   Finally, off to the show ring in June 2016 where he was recognized by the Judges and awarded Best of Winners and Best of Breed in the 2 shows we entered!   The second show he made the cut to the final 6 dogs chosen in an extremely competitive sporting group.  Off to a good start Walker!
His full clearances are pretty wonderful as well.  PennHIP greater than 90th percentile, OFA Good, elbows clear, Doppler/Echo clear, EIC, CNM, Prcd, RD, HNPK and more DNA clearances.   He is black carrying chocolate and a proven producer.  His 1st home bred Applemeadow litters were 11 and 12.   Offered at Stud to select girls with clearances.   Walkers puppies have been very promising and he brings plenty to the plate with respect to fronts, topline, coat, and substance.   He is 23 inches at the shoulder and is a muscular 87 pounds.  

Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Candid shots of Walker's Offspring
Text Box: Walker's Mom
Text Box: Walker's Dad
Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Walker - June 18, 2016
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